Core Support Plans

Our most popular support plan offers regular cross-functional guidance for your existing marketing team as well as a bit of specialized hands-on support for your ongoing smaller technical needs. Let us help your team stay on the right path.

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Actionable Strategic Advice

Benefit from an expert spending up to 1 HOUR each month reviewing your data and making specific suggestions

Premium Data Monitoring

Our tools gather critical business data from Moz, TrueSocial, Pingdom, and more. The cost of these services is included!

Competitor Tracking

Stay on top of your own performance data while keeping a close eye on how you're faring against your TOP 5 Competitors.

Social Media Conversions

Track your social media followers each month and explore how much converting traffic each network is generating.

Set Custom KPI Targets

Our system lets you define key performance indicator (KPI) targets and then quickly see how you are doing from month-to-month.

Conversion Reporting

For all your efforts, what’s the return on your marketing investment? We’ll make your lead conversions easier to track.

Monthly Consultations

Every month one of our experts will review your data and make suggestions for ways your team might improve performance.

Technical "Firefighting" Support

Get up to 2 HOURS each month of specialized technical and development work that can have major benefits.

Local SEO Support

Getting your business information updated across the web can be a headache. Let our team tackle this for you.

Crawl Diagnostic Monitoring

Our tools help identify issues that search engines may have crawling your site, which might hinder your site's rankings.

Performance Analysis

We'll analyze how much of your traffic is coming from phones, desktops, and tablets and identify performance issues.

Spam Score Monitoring

If your site is picking up harmful inbound links or suffering from other negative spam factors we'll suggest remediation efforts.

Server Uptime Monitoring

Measure your site uptime and server loading times to identify potential problems with your website hosting.

Development Hotfixes

When small technical needs arise, it’s helpful to have a team you can trust to guide you through them!

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Pricing & Expectations

Supercharge your marketing team's efforts, consolidate expenses from premium data services, and enjoy having regular dedicated access to a team of cross-functional marketing experts for just $500/mo.

Every month we will evaluate your data, look at the content you are publishing in your e-newsletters and on your site blog, and examine your social media activities in order to make actionable suggestions for your team.

This plan does not provide enough time for our team to actively perform significant amounts of hands-on work for you. Instead, think of this plan like hiring a personal trainer. If you're willing to put work in towards the priorities and action items we recommend, you will definitely see results.

If you're looking to hire a full-time team to solve your problems, then we encourage you to explore our PRO Agency Service plans instead!

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