Core Support Plans

Our most popular support plan offers regular cross-functional guidance for your existing marketing team as well as access to simplified key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring and priority management tools. Let us help your team stay on the right path.

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Solve these four common pain points with one simple support plan.


Priority Management

Some KPIs are more important than others, so wouldn't it be nice to know right away when there is an issue instead of finding out months later when digging through old reports? Our tools take care of this, so you can rest assured that when a fire pops up we'll be able to inform you.


KPI Tracking

Our plan gives you access to Key Performance Indicator data from a variety of powerful marketing tools. We pull in key data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, TrueSocial, and Pingdom to make sure you are on the right track. Access to those tools is already included in our plan pricing!


Regular Diagnostics & Expert Analysis

Pouring through data from various tools doesn't necessarily make it easier to gain actionable insights. Besides simplifying data reporting, you can also rest assured that an expert will review your stats each month for potential red flags and opportunities.

Core Support Plan Features

Simplified Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but may people tend to get overwhelmed by everything its offers. Our dashboard pulls together just the most popular data points for easy access and "noise-free" review.

Domain Authority Tracking

We will track the general authority of your domain each month. This is a powerful indicator of how you will rank in search engines.

Create Critical Alerts

We can identify select, high-priority metrics and highlight them in our reports. That way, everyone on your team will know ASAP if the metrics they are responsible for start to slip.

Monitor Inbound Link Health

Our Moz API access allows us to track the number of C-Blocks linking to you, which is a fancy way of monitoring the number of real linking sources.

Measure Your Progress

Our KPI management system makes it easy to track your progress over the past few months, identify potential problems, and celebrate successes!

Crawl Diagnostic Monitoring

Our tools help identify issues that search engines may have crawling and indexing your site, which might hinder your site's ability to rank.

Custom KPI Target Settings

Our system will let you define targets for KPI improvement from month-to-month, and then quickly see on your dashboard how you are doing.

Contextual Feedback

Tired of ideas and feedback getting lost? Our system can help to put those great ideas and suggested priorities into context for specific KPIs or functional areas.

Social Media Engagement Tracking

Track your social media followers each month, dive into how well they are engaging with your content, and see how your networks are converting.

Server Monitoring

Measure your overall site uptime and server loading times each month to identify potential problems with your website hosting.

Device Overview

See how much of your traffic is coming from visits on phones, desktops, and tablets. If you're looking to improve those stats, you can even set targets!

Manage Team Priorities

Our tool provides an easy way to convert suggestions into actionable priorities, but it also offers a bird's eye view of your current marketing priorities.

Regular Expert Analysis

Every month one of our experts will review your data and make some specific suggestions for ways your team might improve target KPIs.

2 Hours Dedicated Support

We build-in support time towards your monthly analysis and support, but you may also apply this time towards small work orders and extended support requests.

Questions? We'll be happy to help, just contact us.

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Pricing & Expectations

Supercharge your marketing team's efforts, consolidate expenses from premium data services, and enjoy having regular dedicated access to a team of cross-functional marketing experts for just $500/mo.

Every month we will evaluate your data, look at the content you are publishing on your newsletters and site blog, and examine your social media activities in order to make actionable suggestions for your team.

This plan does not provide enough time for our team to actively perform significant amounts of hands-on work for you. Rather, think of this plan like hiring a personal trainer. If you're willing to put work in towards the priorities and action items we recommend, you will definitely see results.

If you're looking to hire a full-time team to solve your problems, then we encourage you to explore our PRO Agency Service plans instead!

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