About Us

Perfect Pitch Concepts is an online marketing agency based in Athens, GA. Since 2006, we have drawn from cross-functional skill sets to help clients build more effective online marketing channels and increase their online revenue potential.

Thanks largely to the backgrounds our managing partners had through UGA’s Terry College Entrepreneurship Program, our team has always had a penchant for startups. That's why in addition to helping clients build their businesses, we also devote time every month towards developing our own projects.

Learn more about our managing partners by clicking their bio links provided. If you are interested in joining our team, we encourage you to review any current posted positions.

We've Been At This For Over 10 Years

We Pride Ourselves on Our Happy Clients

Michael is an exceptional writer and communicator. He is experienced at writing across all communications channels and is able to convey complex ideas in a simplistic fashion. He is detail-oriented and works efficiently against tight deadlines. I’d highly recommend Michael for any writing engagement

Jocelyn Pearson Former Senior Director, UPS

Stephen is a highly motivated individual, one who continuously strives to find new and creative means to achieve project goals. His knowledge of the development and management arenas is evidenced by his ability to effectively communicate innovative business strategies. Stephen has previously served as a valued member of my management team and I would highly recommend him to others

Brian Donahue Manager, Monroe Properties

Michael has a plethora of strengths beginning with the facts that he always works in a timely manner and delivers excellently written products to the Professional Pricing Society. We have seen few writers in our years of marketing and publishing that match his precision and intuitiveness to grasps the client’s concepts, and wishes and then produce a highly useable and effective end product. In my own dealings I found Michael to be quite flexible and easy to collaborate with through the entire project process. He was able to quickly learn about our products and identify its core strengths. Moreover, he was able to articulate all of this in a very short amount of time. I strongly endorse Michael’s work and his ability to contribute to his customer’s wants and needs

Eric Mitchell Chairman, Professional Pricing Society

Working with Michael has been a pleasure. He was able to completely re-design our website, making it easier to navigate and get our message to customers. Not only did Michael make our website more functional, he made it look phenomenal! Michael is a true professional who will go the extra mile to ensure his clients happiness. I would recommend Perfect Pitch Concepts to anyone looking for a cost effective, time efficient solution to improve their website. We couldn’t be happier with the service we received

Lauren Knauth Instructor, Pilates in Motion

Michael is an amazing writer. I had pleasure of working with him to improve my resume. Michael has amazing ability to distill information from large amount of data. He listens intently to what you have to say and then translates what you wanted to say in a clear, succinct, yet easy to understand paragraphs. My resume has vastly improved thanks for Michael’s efforts. I strongly recommend him and quality of his work

Dr. Saket Kumar Professional Resume

We hired Perfect Pitch Concepts to overhaul the 300 page study guide used for our Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) program. This material covers a breadth of critical pricing topics, and we were not only incredibly pleased with the way in which Michael’s team was able to quickly grasp this complex material, but we were also impressed with their skill in tremendously enhancing its presentation. More importantly, the students in the program have also been quite pleased with the clarity and professionalism of this latest edition, and we feel that a great deal of value has been added to our program as a result. Overall, Michael was wonderful to work with throughout this project, and we would not hesitate to hire Perfect Pitch Concepts for writing engagements in the future

Julie R. Martin Certification Program Director, Professional Pricing Society

Stephen has a passion for developing effective business strategies and helping local businesses positively impact the community at large. His interpersonal skills coupled with his business acumen make Stephen an excellent consultant and business co-owner. I recommend Stephen’s expertise without hesitation

Alana Zavett Green Program Associate, Jewish Funds for Justice

From the beginning, Michael was professional and insightful in helping me formulate exactly what I needed for my resume. I had a variety of experiences that I wanted to communicate in my focus, particularly my love for working with disenfranchised youth and their families. Even after the final product had been delivered, he was available (and very accessible) for questions and further advice about how I should approach jobs and graduate school planning. Thanks in part to the package he helped me put together, I am now happily enrolled at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education! Michael was very personable and an amazing listener that carefully considered my questions and input (while integrating them with his own experience and expertise). I would definitely not hesitate to hire him again in the future

Kathy Yang Professional Resume

Michael is a visionary and talented businessman of the highest moral character. Michael has an infallible dedication to the people he enlists for help, as well as to the people he partners with for support. I have worked closely with Michael on a number of projects, and I have enjoyed seeing him execute on his vision with amazing results throughout the past two years on his entrepreneurship endeavor StayBattlin — a Web 2.0 social networking community (no small undertaking). Michael thinks big, and executes big, and I believe that anyone lucky enough to work with Michael will agree

Matt Thompson Professional Resume

Stephen possesses a multitude of entrepreneurial skills and has been an invaluable partner in the launch and success of the Terry College of Business Entreprereneurship Program. He is one of four people to be inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame at UGA. I can’t say enough about his work ethic, drive, tenacity, intelligence, and dedication

Christopher Hanks Entrepreneurship Program Director, University of Georgia

One of my biggest challenges in developing my business plan, and ultimately opening my business, was hiring consultants who I had never met that were talented, who followed through with professional commitments and that ultimately were worth the money I would pay. Michael was all this and much more. He was personable enough to accept all my calls as if my business was his very own. Even though we were in different states, we communicated as if we shared the same office. Michael did not take my business plan and make it his own, he explored my mission, researched my plans, scrutinized my numbers, and helped me refine my vision to create the clearest representation of it on paper. The editing process went back and forth, we shared antidotes, we questioned data, and finally organized it in a product that best reflected my business goals. Michael helped me achieve my business goals and ultimately made my business proposition shine. From vision, to business plan, to website development, to marketing and investor packages, Michael’s expertise was the key to a successful start to my business

Luis Rodriguez Owner, TBA Gym

As a professional web marketer for a Fortune 500 firm, I work with design and web marketing vendors every day. I hired Michael to develop a personal website and I’ve been very impressed by Michael’s breadth of knowledge, execution, and speed. Michael did a fantastic job of intepreting and realizing my website requirements — both design and technical. The time lag between our initial discussion and site launch was brief — maybe a week — and he implemented all post-launch edits within hours. As I’m working towards a tight deadline, this quick turnaround was invaluable. Since launch, I have received numerous praises regarding the look, feel and ease of use of my site

Kate Divjak Web Marketer

I hired Michael to create several dynamic aspects to my company’s website and to create a contest module in which customers could upload their photos to the contest and vote for their favorite photos. In the past I have had some bad experiences working with web designers who don’t follow up or respond to communications. Michael, on the other hand, was entirely professional, kept in regular contact with me and provided me with updates on the project. I gave him a pretty tight window of time in which to do a significant amount of work and I know he spent a lot of hours getting the job done on time. I highly recommend Michael and will continue to use him in the future

Paige Ormond Founder, Doggy Style Pet Shop

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Stephen for a few years now and am continually amazed at how brilliant and forward-thinking he is. Few people can match his energy, integrity and sheer ability to get things done

Emily Schwartz Kapit Lead Coach, Refresh Your Step Coaching & Consulting

I have had a very hard time deciding what to write in Michael’s recommendation because there is just so much to write. Michael is a big picture thinker who holistically understands business, but he has an unsurpassed eye for detail and the finer points. He combines business acumen and strategic thought with technical know-how in multiple subject areas ranging from finance and marketing to HTML and PHP. He is the type of advisor, thinker, consultant, and partner that any business can—and should—use

Ari Kurtz Professional Resume

We will definitely work with Stephen or any business that he is associated with in the future. His astute business sense and marketing skills makes me wish he was a full-time manager for The Burning Angels!!

Mark Cunningham Vocals and guitar, The Burning Angels

Michael is very good at web design. What I liked most about working with him was his ability to meet deadlines and the level of engagement when pulling together all of the components of my sight. Oh yeah, he was all over the “intellectual property” and “content ownership” type of topics that may escape many. Highly recommended

John F. James Personal Website

Michael Hamrick is one of the most sincere and dependable team members I have ever worked with. He delivered outstanding results for our group. He was very efficient in solving complex business problems. His knowledge in software requirements gathering and coming up with new ideas to solve issues was critical to the success of our group. He worked independently. He was a quick learner and provided significant value to our team. The quality Michael delivered in a month would haven taken for someone else in our group, to do the same quality of work, as much as twice the time Michael Hamrick took to complete. I would highly recommend Michael for any fast-paced growth organization. As matter of fact, I have plans to bring Michael in our organization once we secure some funding. I know I can rely on Michael. His ability to both define complex business logic for software projects and to analyze business issues and writing software requirements is profound. Furthermore, I trust him from all aspects. He is accessible and responded promptly to our group’s need. Overall, he is an asset. I would like to keep him around in our business

Dr. Saiful Khandaker, D.M. President, Mi3 Inc.