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Our new GlideStep website program offers a fully-managed solution for getting a professional website up and running, saving you the headache of development and ongoing maintenance.

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Professional Setup

Limited Development

GlideStep is powered by a centralized framework, which allows us to bypass normal development work and slash your setup costs. This means you're purchasing quality content rather than technical code.

Focus on Content

More than just a website, our team of MBAs will help you distill your business's key differentiators and value propositions to make sure those are clearly articulated through compelling design and copy.

Conversion Strategy

In addition to installing Google Analytics, we will also work to make sure that your account has properly configured Goals so that you can measure your conversion performance.

Rapid Turnaround

Since we won't be delivering custom code for your project, the turnaround times for GlideStep sites are significantly shorter than our standard website setups, usually between 1-3 weeks.

Branded Design

While GlideStep websites are not meant to support every design requirement under the sun, the framework is incredibly flexible. We will ensure your site is fully aligned with your brand guidelines.

Content Marketing Ready

The GlideStep framework was built primarily to support our Core Support Plan services, so that means that if you ever want to run campaigns you'll have everything you need.

Fully Managed Hosting

Managed CMS

Let our team handle the headaches up updating your site content and publishing new blog posts for you. Just email us what you want done and we'll handle the rest.

Optimized Performance

We carefully control the combination of plugins and backend code to continuously optimize for speed and overall performance, since this is an increasingly important factor for visitors and search engines.

Publishing Support

We offer different levels of monthly publishing support, but our goal is to make sure you never have to worry about learning how to create your own pages or keep up with changes to CMS frameworks.

IMGIX Image Hosting

GlideStep uses imgix to serve the images on your website. This allows us to optimize compression and deliverability of your images in a way that most sites don't bother to do.

Enhanced Notification Delivery

We use Mandrill to monitor transactional emails. These include the notifications that are sent when someone uses your website's contact form.

Powerful Servers

GlideStep sites are hosted on cloud-based Digital Ocean servers, fully encrypted with SSL/HTTPS, and supported by the powerful CloudFlare content delivery network.

Conversion Tracking

GlideStep sites track a lot more than just page visits and session data. We'll make sure that your site analytics are configured to measure lead form conversions as well as common activities like click-to-call links.

Ongoing Updates

Since all GlideStep sites are run on a fully managed centralized platform you'll continue to benefit from new features that we release, as well as regular security and performance updates.

Questions? We'll be happy to help, just contact us.

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Pricing & Expectations

Setups for GlideStep websites start at $2.5K and typically launch within 1-3 weeks after official project kickoff.

Hosting for GlideStep sites depends on the level of monthly publishing support needed. Our two most popular plans are outlined below:

Personal Professional
Max Monthly Site Visitors 2K/mo 10K/mo
Max Bandwidth 50GB 200GB
Max Total Storage Space 5GB 20GB
Post Publishing 1/mo 10/mo
Monthly Fee $30/mo $100/mo

If you're looking for a fully customized website development service, or if you will need to be able to export your source code for installation on another server, then should explore our Business Website Setup service instead!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own the website?

You will retain ownership of all content and media created, but not the code or theme itself. Much like having a profile on Facebook or Google, or even a website with something like Squarespace, you cannot download the pages or site itself.

Can I move my site to another host?

GlideStep is not a typical website setup service. It is a fully-managed service that allows our team to offer expedited setups for clients. But this means that it is not a website that you can download and export to another host or provider.

I've hired an SEO company and they are insisting on having admin access.

Even though GlideStep runs on Wordpress, we cannot grant access to the backend, nor can we install plugins requested by third parties. The system is already optimized for performance, and our team is already handling the SEO configurations for your posts. In instances where you have hired another SEO company, you will either need to have them manage a separate site or you will need to export your content and install it on a new theme.

What if I need more publishing support?

We offer a range of hosting/support options that can scale alongside your business needs over time.

Can I publish additional pages on my own?

At this time, we do not allow direct client access even at an author level. This ensures that there are no formatting hiccups or risk of conflicting edits with the work our team is managing for you.

How is this different from Squarespace?

In many ways, our centrally-managed system is quite similar to Squarespace. But GlideStep limits your access and in exchange our team handles your actual content creation and ongoing management. Where Squarespace is a DIY approach that can save you money, GlideStep is the opposite.

How much "Post Publishing" is included each month?

The table above includes different options for monthly site updates, referenced by number of posts published. These posts are meant to represent average blog post pages, typically between 100-1,000 words and between 1-5 images. But each client may have different needs. If you have longer posts with less media, that is OK!

Also, if your business hours need updating or if you need to make some edits to an existing page, those won't typically count against your "updates" quota. We will gladly cover the exact scope of included monthly update services with you personally before you commit to a service plan.

Can I see some examples?

We're still working on a gallery of example sites for this new platform, but we'd be happy to share a few examples with you in the meantime. Just send us a message and we'll share some examples of walk you through specifically what the platform can and cannot handle in terms of design!

Can I design my own site?

If you send us websites you want to emulate, we'll let you know how close we can get within the GlideStep framework. It's actually incredibly flexible, so in most cases we can get close to your vision. But in any case, our team will be handling the designing and actual setup for you.

Can I use my own domain?

Certainly! GlideStep sites can be configured as your primary domain, or even as a subdomain. Just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to walk you through your options and make a recommendation.

Will I have FTP access?

All login and FTP access to the GlideStep system is disabled. If you need to upload files, just send them to our team and we'll take care of it for you.

But what if I really need full admin access?

We understand, but in that case this service might not be the best fit for you. You'll need a regular Wordpress site in that case, and will need to be leveraging something like our Managed Wordpress Hosting service.

Have more questions? We'll be happy to help, just contact us.