Managed Lead Campaigns

Let our team deliver quality copywriting, intelligent SEO, supportive social media, effective ad campaigns, and all of the other critical elements in this space you don’t have time to manage.

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What Does A Campaign Include?

Our cross-functional lead generation campaigns consist of four distinct phases.

Design Landing Page

Strategic Planning

Our team of MBAs will work with you to plan a landing page campaign that will support your core business objectives and conversion goals.

Team Interviews

We’ll interview your team for source material to ensure your authority and expertise are resonating throughout your content.

Write Landing Page Copy

Our professional copywriters will use the source material provided by your team to generate easy-to-read, high-quality drafts.

Optimize Your Photos/Media

Our team can coach you in creating your own original media, optimize whatever you supply, and even help select supplemental stock media.

Build Landing Page

Build SEO-Focused Page

Let us make sure your content doesn’t suffer from common HTML mistakes and that it looks great on both mobile and desktop devices.

Test For Responsiveness

Our pages are always mobile-responsive, but we will specifically test your landing page for any display or art direction issues.

Configure Social Sharing Data

We’ll configure your page to look great in Facebook and Twitter feeds so your followers are more likely to click on your posts.

Implement Google AMP

Our pages are optimized for performance natively, but we will also configure Google AMP for added performance on mobile devices.

Measure Conversion Activity

Our landing pages will use advanced event tracking scripts to more fully measure visitor engagement. This will allow us to report on much more than just number of clicks on your ads or times your page was viewed.

Research Keywords for New Opportunities

We’ll research trends, search data, and social influencers to recommend content ideas that can generate traffic and support sales.

Share Landing Page

Announce Landing Pages

Our team will draft announcement posts for you to share on your social media profiles to increase awareness of your landing pages.

Engage Key Influencers

We'll coach you in connecting with influencers in your industry to involve them in your campaigns and build your overall network.

Plan Reminder Posts

In addition to initial announcement posts, we will periodically create posts to help raise awareness of older landing page posts. This will help increase exposure for older content and extend the value of those pages well beyond the initial campaign period.

Research Trending Topics

Let us explore trending topics in your industry in order to capitalize on potential new campaign ideas.

Coordinate With Your Team

Our team will coordinate with your existing social media team to support your broader networking objectives.

Promote Landing Page

Manage Ad Campaigns

Each campaign requires a minimum ad campaign budget. We will configure and manage your ads to increase awareness of your new content.

Newsletter Guidance

If you have a newsletter, we will provide guidance on how to best incorporate your campaigns into your promotional mix.

Expanded Ad Spend

If you are seeing positive ROI on your ads, we can work with you to expand the scope of your ad campaigns.

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Pricing & Expectations

Managed Lead Campaigns start at $1K/campaign each month, with a minimum three-month initial commitment. This pricing includes a starting budget of $300 for each campaign’s paid promotions (Facebook/Google), though you can choose to increase this ad spend.

We suggest implementing ONE, TWO, or FOUR campaigns per month. Additional campaigns will increase your market exposure and lead potential, but you can always start with a single monthly campaign and grow your efforts over time.

Campaign content will be hosted on our GlideStep Website platform in order to ensure optimal performance and conversion tracking configurations, though it is possible for you to also host a copy on an existing blog.

*Please note that ad campaign data will be managed internally and will not be exportable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the landing pages hosted?

We have a special platform called GlideStep that we designed to host your content with strong loading times and robust conversion tracking. This helps us optimize our ad campaign ROI efficiency, as well as minimize development and support time that would otherwise be required to work within the specifics of your existing website setup.

Is the GlideStep platform a separate website?

Correct! Much like Hubspot or Unbounce, our pages live on a separate server and thus require a separate domain. Though you can create a customized subdomain, like, or

Actually, with the addition of a few key service pages, our platform can actually replace most websites entirely! We may even be able to help migrate your current blog content over and significantly improve your performance with those items as well. Just drop us a line to find out more about this option .

Can I host my pages on my existing website or blog?

You are welcome to publish a copy of your landing page on your own site, but the ad campaigns we create and manage will still point to the GlideStep version of your pages. This is because that system is already configured for conversion tracking and ad campaign optimization. If you choose to post a copy on your own blog, we will simply specify a canonical tag on our version of your page to avoid a duplicate content penalty in search engines.

How much storage space and traffic do I get?

All clients currently on a Managed Lead Campaign service plan will automatically have the "Professional" level of GlideStep hosting, which includes the capacity stated in the GlideStep hosting plans.

What happens to my content when I stop running campaigns?

We undestand that running campaigns indefinetly every month doesn't make sense for every business! We even encourage clients to pause campaign plans depending on their needs and budgets sometimes.

Any time you want to pause your campaign plans, we'll simply switch your billing over to a normal GlideStep hosting plan.

We also have an "archive" plan to preserve landing pages for clients who no longer want any sort of hosting, but those plans do not allow cusotm URLs and will also include a small branding element for GlideStep services.

Can I move my site to another hosting service?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Much like Facebook, Squarespace, or Hubspot, your page content may be exportable but the framework and website as a whole are not.

Can I access my ad campaign data?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Our Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns are all linked in an internal network, and although we will regularly provide reporting and performance data we do not offer the ability to export the campaign configurations themselves.

How is the billing setup for my Facebook/AdWords campaigns?

You will be billed directly by Facebook and Google for your bugets with them, and we will invoice you separately for our content and management services. This creates the flexibility for you to expand your advertising budgets with those services more easily.

Can I run my own ads after the campaign is complete?

We can keep your campaigns active after campaigns and continue to handle basic management on them for a flat rate of $25/mo. You are welcome to maintain, increase, or decrease your budgets with those campaigns, but this maintenence fee will not cover any work torwards creating new campaigns for you.

Do you guarantee results?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. All we can control is the optimzation of your content and ad campaigns. The nature of your product or service, and the calibre of competition in your industry are all factors that make it nearly imopssible to predict specific results. But unlike many online marketing services, these campaigns are incredibly transparent regarding the specific services provided by our team as well as the traffic and conversions that are generated.

Have more questions? We'll be happy to help, just contact us.