Managed WordPress Hosting

Keeping your website healthy can be a challenge, especially if you're not a technical expert. Let us handle critical updates and coordinating with service providers on your behalf if something goes wrong.

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Key Service Benefits

All of our managed hosting plans include the following services.

Powerful Servers

Our sites are hosted on either WP Engine or Digital Ocean servers, fully encrypted with SSL/HTTPS, and supported by the powerful CloudFlare content delivery network.

Ample Bandwidth

Get up to 30K visits/month, and up to 10GB of storage. Very few of our clients ever come close to using this, but adding capacity is certainly possible.

Regular WordPress Updates

We regularly update your WordPress framework and plugins so you can rest assured that your site is up to date with security and performance improvements.

Hardened Setups

We use a combination of security plugins to help harden your Wordpress installation and improve your chances of quickly identifying and addressing cyber attacks.

Domain & DNS Management

Securing your domain is the most important thing you can do, yet it is often neglected. Our plans include your ownership of a single domain with automatic renewals.

Uptime Monitoring

We use Pingdom to automatically check your website status every minute and send us an alert if there is a problem. If your site goes down, we'll be on it.

Daily Backups

We automatically back up your website every day, so if you are ever hacked or if something breaks, then we are more likely able to quickly get you up and running again.

Enhanced Notifications

We offer Mandrill integration to monitor and troubleshoot notification emails, specifically the emails sent to you whenever someone uses your website's contact form.

Faster & More Secure

All of our sites use the CloudFlare CDN for additional protection from bad traffic, improved content delivery speeds, and overall performance benefits.

Human Webmaster

If something goes wrong just let us know and we'll handle it so you won't have to spend hours on the phone with multiple tech support agents to try and fix it yourself.

Need Even More?

What if you could SUPERCHARGE your managed hosting plan (which is already pretty awesome) with extended support encompassing creative, technical, and business services in THREE KEY AREAS, all for significantly less than the cost of a single part-time employee? For an additional $500/mo, our "Core Support" upgrade does just this!

Publishing Support

Our team can assist with tricky formatting issues on your site content as well as troubleshoot configuration issues on premium plugins like WooCommerce.

SEO Support

From sluggish page performance to search engine crawl issues, we can help investigate common issues and even work to resolve them for you.

Strategic Support

We'll regularly review your site performance data and make specific actionable recommendations for increasing your site conversions!

Analytics Support

From troubleshooting conversion event configurations with AdWords and lead forms to just helping you review Google Analytics data, we’re here to help!

Premium Plugin Support

Let our team help troubleshoot configuration and manage ongoing maintenance issues with premium plugins like Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, and more.

Questions? Check out our FAQs, and if you have additional questions feel free to contact us.

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Monthly Pricing

Our standard managed website hosting starts at $100/mo and our optional "Core Support" upgrade is offered for an additional $500/mo.

Between the standard hosting fees you would pay elsewhere for limited service, time for routine security updates, and general peace of mind you'll receive from knowing you've got experts to turn to when things go wrong, this managed hosting plan may just be the best money you invest every month!

The standard managed hosting plan does not include general content or design updates to your site, nor does it cover support for themes or plugins like WooCommerce. More involved support requests may involve additional fees. For support in these areas, we encourage you to consider a "Core Support" upgrade.

Please keep in mind that sites with exceptionally high traffic or non-standard ongoing maintenance needs may require a larger hosting plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from a service like WP Engine?

We love WP Engine and other great hosting companies like them, and we actually utilize those services ourselves in these hosting plans. Think of our managed hosting plans as an additional layer of service and support on top of what they offer.

Without our managed service layer, you’d still be on the hook to deal with their support teams and troubleshoot things that go wrong. You’d also still be responsible for managing and troubleshooting Wordpress and plugin updates every month, a vital part of maintaining a secure, headache-free website. With our plan, you get to delegate all of that to us and focus on your primary business activities.

Will this service ensure that my website will never go down or break?

Unfortunately, no. While our hosting services will significantly improve your chances of surviving many automated attacks, there are no guarantees in our world of increasingly complicated cyber attacks and threats. Even without hackers, sites regularly break because of various plugin updates or user error.

The core value of our managed plans is that you’ll have someone in your corner ready to help you troubleshoot and get things back up and running as quickly as possible when something goes wrong.

What happens if my website gets hacked?

It depends. Restoring hacked websites is a job that can vary significantly in terms of scope, and it really depends upon the nature of the attack. In our experience, in most cases these issues can be resolved by reverting to a recent backup, changing passwords, and running a few scans to ensure things are back up and running. However, depending upon the severity of the attack restoration and protection may require further work.

Will my team have admin users in Wordpress or SFTP access to the server?

Yes! Though with that said we strongly encourage clients to limit the amount of admin users or SFTP access that is granted, since every instance of these creates new potential security vulnerabilities. We will consult with you during your setup in order to come up with a server setup and access protocol that best protects your site while still serving your team’s needs.

Are the "Core Support" benefits described above unlimited?

No, these support functions are not unlimited. Before you pull the trigger on the upgrade someone from our team will walk you through the specific recurring tasks that will be scheduled. Though we will have a finite amount of dedicated time in each category each month, if you have certain months with additional needs we always do our best to accommodate! If you are regularly needing significant extra support, then you might want to consider upgrading to one of our "Inbound Marketing" plans.

Will this make my website #1 in Google?

Not necessarily. Although having a faster and more secure website will certainly help your search engine rankings, there are a LOT of factors that influence your website's search rankings and even with the "Core Support" upgrade there will likely be several elements beyond the scope of this service. With that said, we do typically see some clear benefits and improvements in rankings as a result of the efforts made for our clients even at this service level.

Does this mean you'll be writing our blog posts?

Not quite. Content marketing is a pretty involved endeavor, and while we do tackle this for clients under our "Inbound Marketing" plans, the type of publishing support offered in our upgraded "Core Support" hosting plan is more focused on cleaning up and fixing content that your team has already produced. With that said, we'll be happy to provide strategic guidance and advice on the content you're producing!

Will this make my website faster?

Most likely, yes. Compared to most economy hosting services, our servers tend to load sites a bit more quickly, which search engines like Google care a great deal about. However, this will depend on the specific nature of your site setup and the combination of plugins that your site is running, especially if you install additional plugins on your site over time. Generally though, your site should see a speed increase using our service. And if you are on our upgraded "Core Support" plan, our team will even be able to work towards improving your performance further over time.

Have more questions? We'll be happy to help, just contact us.