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6 May

The Southern C Summit: Demystifying SEO for Business Development

We were honored to present crossfunctional SEO at The Southern C Summit, so we’re breaking down our talk on business, technical, content, & social marketing.

9 April

For Better Yelp Reviews, Get Social

Posted by Stephen Rosenberg in General

Think of Yelp as the social network that it is, and you’ll have a leg up on getting great Yelp reviews. We’ve laid out 4 simple tips to get you there.

31 March

Two FREE Ways to Get Your Business Info All Over the Web

Posted by Stephen Rosenberg in General

Spread your correct business name, address, phone (NAP), and website info across the web — quickly and for free! We explain how.

9 March

Life After Digital Ads: What’s Next?

Posted by Stephen Rosenberg in General

Thanks to hard work and a lot of talent, Athens is starting to think of itself as a tech startup incubator as well as a music, food, and football town. A new Athens company that gets ahead of the ad-free revolution could make that vision a reality.

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